Magazin Dar Ot Bogovete

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If you have been to Magazin Dar Ot Bogovete in Sofia, leave your rating and review or photo to help other users searching in Wine Shops.You can find Magazin Dar Ot Bogovete at Sofia, Bulgaria 102, telephone +359 2 854 8686.

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  • Marta Messechkova

    Marta Messechkova

    Непременно опитайте пушената моцарела - продава се в готови опаковки (мини топчета или в калъп), както и на деликатесния щанд, където могат да ви премерят желаното количество. Сандвичите им са ...
  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    With two outlets in Sofia this is the place to go for a huge range of Italian wine. Anything from Prosecco to Barolo and everything in between. Prices are good and the shop assistants ...